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Amir Temur bridge opened in Karshi

A completely overhauled bridge of Amir Temur and the green zone on the adjacent territory have been commissioned in Karshi. Representatives of state and public organizations, small business and private entrepreneurship, the general public and the youth attended the event, dedicated to the 25th anniversary of independence of our country.

Khokim of Kashkadarya region Z.Ruziyev and others noted that a large-scale creative and improvement work carried out under the leadership of President Islam Karimov has been yielding good results. In all regions of our country a socio-economic infrastructure develops, the cities and villages take on a modern look. Karshi has also become more beautiful, all necessary conditions for the people are created here. The resolution of the Head of our state on the plan of prospective development of Karshi and the development program of modern road communications dated 25 July 2013 has served as an important guide for action in this direction.

There is a deep symbolic meaning in the fact that this bridge, built by great Amir Temur has been radically reconstructed and put into operation on the eve of the 25th anniversary of independence of our country.


Amir Temur bridge opened in Karshi


This historic bridge, connecting the banks of the ancient river Kashkadarya, served as a means of international social and economic relations. In the Middle Ages there were important caravan routes, linking Iran and India with Europe via Nasaf. Therefore, this oasis flourished for centuries. As a scientist and traveler Herman Vambery wrote, in 1860 10 caravanserais, a large market, a picturesque public garden for recreation were located in Karshi, which could be not found in other countries. Today this historic garden has been restored again.

Reconstruction of the Amir Temur bridge and establishment of a beautiful park at the near territory has become a joyful event, a great holiday gift for Kashkadarya residents. Giving a modern appearance to this construction, which has a 700-year history and was built on the basis of precisely designed engineering solutions, is a result of a special attention, paid under the leadership of the President of the country to the study, revival and preservation of our history.


- It is no exaggeration to say that every day of independence brings a renewal - said the world champion on the national Kurash (wrestling) sport, master of sports of international class Jaloliddin Shernazarov. – Giving a completely new appearance to this historic bridge, built by our great ancestor Amir Temur, was a wonderful gift for the 25th anniversary of our independence. Today, no matter what region of the country you may come, you become a witness of enormous changes. Creation – is anciently inherent quality of our people. Young people must be worthy successors to our courageous and selfless ancestors, and should effectively use conditions and opportunities created under the guidance of the President of our country.

President Islam Karimov during his visit to the region on June 30, 2015 gave necessary recommendations on transforming the area into a modern recreation area for population. Over the past short period of time it is carried out large-scale creative, resurfacing and landscaping work.

The Amir Temur bridge has been rebuilt on the basis of modern requirements. Three dams have been built on the river Kashkadarya. Instead of the old buildings on the shore of a beautiful park, four berths for ships have been built, 14 cottages, 4 coffee bars, children's playgrounds, 4 sports grounds with artificial turf have been erected, lighting devices and attractions also have been installed. In addition, 4 kilometers of water pipeline, 4.2 kilometers of sewers, 29.3 km of electric systems have been laid. Equipment for irrigation of 144.8 thousand square meters have been put. Over 4 thousand of ornamental trees and shrubs have been planted, nearly 68 thousand square meters has been covered of paving stones.


The bridge and its surroundings have acquired the look of modern recreation area, which will become a favorite place not only for our compatriots, but also for foreign tourists.

- The ancient cities of Karshi and Shakhrisabz provided me with an unforgettable experience, - says a tourist from China Lin Hai. - I have been to many countries around the world, but believe me, I have not seen as beautiful country as Uzbekistan. Uzbekistan, with its unique and beautiful nature, kind-hearted, hospitable people, where representatives of various nations and nationalities live under peace and harmony, of course, has a great future. In the Chinese media, I read a lot and heard about Uzbekistan, the wise and clear-sighted President Islam Karimov. Today, arriving in Uzbekistan and witnessing the work carried out here, I have been convinced immediately that I had heard. Only such determined and hard-working people are capable of great noble deeds.

- Uzbekistan is one of the few countries that have a long and great history. This country has fascinated me for its historic monuments, national values, beautiful scenery and generous people, - says a tourist from Sudan Isameldin Ahmad Abdulrahmon. - There are no words to express my admiration of the perfect, unique architectural monuments. A millennial minaret still stands majestically above us, narrating the unfading rich history. People carefully guard this historical heritage. Uzbekistan is building its future with its own hands. This historic bridge and a beautiful green area, built around, symbolizes the great past and the present and the future of your people.


Songs and music by famous artists give the event a festive mood.

Deputy Prime Minister of the Republic of Uzbekistan A.Ikramov spoke at the event. 




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